Coping with COVID

One Month. 32 days. 750 hours. 45,000 minutes. 2.7 million minutes. That's how long it has been since my world has turned completely upside down. March 10th, 2020 will forever be a day I remember. Just 24 hours after the governor called a state of emergency for Ohio, we found out that the campus was... Continue Reading →

A Garment of Praise

I waited to write this post for many reasons. The first being, we had a LOT going on in the life of our church between the beginning of February and through the end of March. My hope was to update you on our Men's and Women's retreats as well as Spring Break trips. I am... Continue Reading →

Hello 2020!

Friends and family, I hope this finds you all in good spirits and health! I would love to know how all of you are, if you have any praises or prayer requests I would love to start this new year off in prayer for any needs or requests the Lord has put on your hearts!... Continue Reading →

In All Things, Give Thanks.

In this season, one that causes us to rush around, I try to slow down and reflect over everything the Lord has done over this year. I have so much to be thankful for. I could probably write an extremely long entry detailing everything that comes to mind, but the thing I am most thankful... Continue Reading →

Finally, Fall.

What a joy it is to share with you all the work the Lord is doing on campus at University of Cincinnati through H2O Church. Lately, I have been extremely encouraged by the opportunities I have to join in furthering the Kingdom. Since my last update, things have been constantly moving and I have been... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back Bearcats!

Hello Family and Friends! It has been a whirlwind of a month. We have been prepping, planning, and praying for all of our welcome back ("Blitz Week") events and now we are finally on the other side. What an incredible few weeks it has been with H2O church. The Lord has clearly been moving and... Continue Reading →

Present in His Presence.

The other day I was stopped in my tracks by a huge thunder storm. It came on like a massive wall of power. The rain was pouring down, lightening lit up the sky, and thunder shook my car as I pulled over to wait for it to break. Both on my way up and back... Continue Reading →

Here as in Heaven

Do you ever feel like the world is spinning around you, but your feet seem to be stuck? There is this sense of forward motion, however you cannot seem to allow yourself to budge even a little? Normal tasks seem difficult, your world seems a bit more muted, and sometimes it feels as if you... Continue Reading →

Embracing Grace.

The other day while I was out grocery shopping, I found myself feeling really down and distracted. Though for a single moment, God broke through whatever cloud is currently fogging my vision to remind me of the journey I had prayed for only 9 months ago. Back in late October/early November, during a very turbulent... Continue Reading →

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