God is Able.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I have been reflecting on all the things God has done in my life recently. If I am being honest, I had one of the lowest months of my life October through the beginning of November. I have never felt more alone and empty than I did this past month. I eventually... Continue Reading →

I Am Reliant.

From the time I was born up until this point I have been attending church every Sunday that I possibly could. My mom is the choir director of my home church and between that and actively singing in the praise team and attending our youth group, we tended to never miss a Sunday. I spent my... Continue Reading →

A Heart Like His

Over the course of this past month I have experienced a wide variety of emotions, but the biggest emotion I have felt is loneliness. This is actually an emotion I am super unfamiliar with. As a people person living in a college town for the past five years I have always had someone to spend... Continue Reading →

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