I Am Second.

Just recently I returned from H2O Church’s annual Fall Retreat. It’s crazy because I went in with this idea that I would see the impact in student’s lives, but didn’t expect my life to be impacted the way that it was. Over and over again I find myself attempting to take control of my life and trying to direct it in certain ways. When things are overwhelming I have a tendency to try to fix the problems and overcome the obstacles alone. I push others way, but even more so I push God away. I thank him in the good but run away and hide in the bad.

With that being said, while I was at good ol’ Camp Cotubic in Bellfontaine, OH God reminded me that I NEED Him in everything. He is all sufficient.

“Believing means trusting Jesus not only as our all-sovereign Lord and all-sufficient Savior, but also as our all-surpassing Treasure.” -John Piper 

God deserves the place in my heart reserved for things I treasure most. In fact, he deserves all of it. However, I tend to only allow him to have part of it and in return this leads to me not feeling fully satisfied. True satisfaction comes only from God himself. It does not depend on what others think of me or how they respond to my call to ministry.

I am continually learning what it means to put God first. To trust that He has a plan and be content with his plan no matter what the circumstance. Paul wrote in Philippians chapter 4 that he was content when he had plenty and content when he had little through Christ who strengthened him. When support raising gets tough and people don’t catch sight of what God is doing and will do through H2O church, I can be content that God has a plan by resting in his all-sufficient grace and peace. By putting him first in every aspect of this process I can be assured that I am doing his will and be comforted that he has a plan for each and every obstacle that comes my way.

It was so good to get away for the night and spend time in fellowship with nearly 400 other college students from Bowling Green, Kent State, and the University of Akron. Perhaps my favorite moment of the weekend was a mostly impromptu worship session by the campfire with a good friend of mine from Kent. He is always reminding me that everything we do should be a form of worship. Even though this was musical worship, so chill and low key, we were still giving God the glory through it all. As a worship leader and singer, I sometimes let pride get in my way, but in this moment it was just my close friends and I worshiping our Lord. Eventually a good crowd of about 50 or more people ended up joining us and towards the end we all sang a traditional hymn, “How Great Thou Art”, with voices alone. The sound of 50 some college students singing such a sweet hymn together in unison was something I will never forget. It was truly a humbling experience.

If you are still reading through all of this, I just want to say that no matter where you are at in life, let God be a part of it. Let him into your joy or your pain. Let him into every part of every process that you go through. Make him the focus in all that you do. By putting him first and yourself second you will see his will for your life more clearly and can truly be content with where he has you.

“He must become greater; I must become less.” -John 3:30

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